I have been considering the amount we spend to enable our Google presence.

I am disappointed to see yet again, that the clever minds at Google et al have worked out a way to pay a pittance in tax, in a country in which they trade. I feel that Google are making fools out of us, particularly when we are doing all we can to sell our products and services, whilst charging sales tax and being taxed on slim profits. Don’t get me wrong, I do not want to pay or charge any more tax than I have to, but I accept a certain morality on this point.

We live in a free-thinking economy and we have choice. But our economy and society need income to provide services that give us all – from the poorest to the wealthiest – a safe society in which to live. The wider question is of course about closing these holes that the bright minds at Google love to find and exploit. Why is it that the minds working in the Treasury, Tax Office and EU do not appear to be quite so bright? Perhaps they should employ the same consultants that Google employ.

Google’s latest ad campaign tells us that we can all create our own businesses from our kitchen table. They need to realise – that freedom; that belief; that hope and opportunity do exist in this society because we all pay our dues to be part of this club – good and bad.

So in our very own David and Goliath way, we are turning off our Google Ad word account.

James King, Owner and founder of Oliver James

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