Happy New Year. I wonder when it is that we feel we can’t wish people a Happy New Year. My guess would be 15th January. Unless of course were Orthodox or Chinese!!

We have just started a new Garden Room in Milton Keynes. I was discussing as you can imagine the project with our client. I became aware that the client worked for Apple. Which led us into a discussion about the new HQ Apple are building themselves in California. It’s an enormous campus that will be the future of the company.

I wonder if their new building is built to last 3 years.

We all want to feel current but great design will outlast us. So perhaps when I am making my strategic purchases this year I’ll think of a VW Beetle and not the latest VW Golf which has been designed to fail and get me back in 3 year’s time or in VW case next month.

One of our very first Garden Rooms (shown below) is still enjoyed every day and I know it’s current. It was designed and built 8 years ago. I also know that this room and all the others we have designed and built will be standing and enjoyed when I’m in the same place a Steve Jobs. But he can wait to meet me a few more years yet!

Happy New Year 15/1/16

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